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...sometimes in the last couple of days, I felt bursting with love and excitement about my life. This trip has been great in so many ways. I have learned many new things, but at the same time it made me appreciate my life back home even more.

Tomorrow I'll be going to NYC - wooohooo. Watch out all you delightful raw food places that I have only dreamed of so far!

Can't believe that it's already Christmas in only one week. Can't believe that this journey is almost over. But I loved every little piece of it.

...it's funny how this sacred plant keeps on following me. I think I will have to prepare myself for our first real encounter...

2010 = so many firsts

I just thought about my year 2010. And even though I tend to think that time goes by faster and faster each year, when I take a look back at this year, it has been filled with so many amazing new things. What a ride! And there is so much more to come. 2010 was only the beginning...

My firsts in 2010:
- I visited Asia for the first time (Feb)
- I fasted for the first time (March (?))
- I started on my raw food journey (April)
- Gave my first talk at a major conference (Sept)
- First Theta Healing session (Oct)
- Modelled for the first time (Oct)
- Visited the US for the first time (and on my own) (Dec)

So much has changed during 2010 and I feel like this is the true beginning of a journey.
And there are already some changes in sight for 2011:

- I will move to the flat of my dreams
- After almost 10 years, I am planning on selling my car (iiiieks)
- I would love to go to some kind of retreat

I am so looking forward to 2011! Bring it on!



This is just a test whether I can really post entries from my phone. I am amazed by technology :-)

Posted via LjBeetle

Nov. 18th, 2010

Yeah, I did it! I am here even though I don't feel very motivated to write a lot. Anyways, I promised to write daily and that is what I do (at least for today ;))
I was off to a strange start this morning. I woke up at around 7.30 and didn't feel like getting up at all (which is very uncommon for me since going raw). At 9ish I felt like I really needed something to pick me up which was more than my normal green juice. So I decided to go for a coconutmilk-banana-spirulina-maca smoothie. What a great idea. So yummie & comforting. I prepared some broccoli & tomatoes with a cheezy sauce to take with me for lunch. But then my boss decided that she wanted to go to an Indian place during our lunchbreak. I just love Indian food and so I decided to leave my broccoli for dinner and had a spinach curry for lunch along with a chai tea. I think it must have been the black tea - but I felt much more awake afterwards.
In the afternoon I had two little pieces of my boss' selfmade quince bread and some cookies. All of which is not raw.
Then for dinner I finally had my broccoli-tomatoe salad which I really enjoyed since I needed something fresh. However, afterwards I gott a bit "crazy" and felt like deliberately eating something unhealthy. So I made myself a dough out of sunflower seeds (very unhealthy), shredded coconut (oh yeah... there it gets a little bit unhealthier), maple sirup (there you go) and a little bit of Amaretto (um...). This was sooo yummie (maybe a little bit too sweet). And if this wasn't crazy enough, I had a piece of goat's milk cheese with sweet mustard after that.
I was a very naughty girl today, you see. But if I think of it... couple of month ago a day with food like this would have probably been one of my healthier days. So I try not to worry even though I feel a tiny little bit sick now (the nuts! the sugar! it's really interesting how sensitive my body reacts to those things nowadays)
Now I'll go and see if I can find some nice audio which I can listen to while falling asleep. I want some inspiration. I'm like a sponge. Give it to me!
Good night

back again

Wow, have I been determined! Well, it has been a while since I last wrote here. And my plan of staing 100% raw didn't work out, either. However, I don't think that this is a drama. I've read quite some things about heathy food and nutrition. And even though I don't think that I have yet worked out what is the most important thing when it comes to a healthy living, I don't think that 100% raw food is an absolute necessity. Don't get me wrong... I still think that raw and living food is the best thing you can put in your body but there are more sensible decisions to be made. For example when it comes to deciding between a heavily dehydrated dish and some steamed veggies. Or between tons of nuts and an occasional portion of fish.
However, I decided that I want to keep this journal alive and just write about the things that go through my head without thinking too much about everything. This means that I don't want to limit myself in any way. Because with limitation comes a lack of enthusiasm which will then keep me from writing altogether. So from now on I will try to write something everyday. Whether it is something which could count as an essay or whether I will just jot down what I ate at a particular day doesn't matter. This is my place and I would like to do whatever I want to do.
For today, I will just state what I ate today.... if I remember everything.
I just realized that I've already forgotten what I had for breakfast (not a very good start :)). Or maybe I am just too tired. I think I should rather go to bed now and start with my new plans for this journal tomorrow. Procrastionation at its best ;)
Good nighty-night!

Love your life and it will love you back

My dear friends (whoever reads this),

today has been a great day so far. I just love my life! And I think it loves me, too. I think I am very blessed. Yes, my life has been rather pleasant so far. And even those events which might be considered as "bad" or "heartbreaking" have always turned out to be a blessing in the end. That is also one thing that is naturally in me... I don't get depressed too easily. And even if I do get depressed, it doesn't stick with me for a long time. Until now this quality has worked on a rather unconscious level but as I am getting more and more conscious, maybe depression will never ever get me again. Who knows... Oh, and speaking of being conscious and unconscious I think I should mention my recent discovery (I know he has been around for quite some time now but he is a recent part of my life): Eckhart Tolle. If you haven't read his book "The power of Now" - do it! Now! This might change your life. Because it's full of truth. Deep deep truth...

But as I am rambling on... what I actually wanted to do is to tell you about my day (it's a diary after all :)). My day has been great so far. You know that already. Why? Because the previous week brought an exciting new flavour into my work life. Did I mention? I'm currently working in a research project and writing my PhD thesis in... Linguistics! I love linguistics. What is it good for? Doesn't matter - it's fun. Well, sometimes at least. Very often it's also a pain in the... But since three days or so it is very much fun. I think that my beloved friend (and colleague) Nadine & I are about to come up with a new and very much improved linguistic theory. This is so exciting! As I said... everything seems to fall in place right now. And I think this is just one more incarnation of what is going on in my life right now.

Coming back to another topic close to my heart... food! Raw food! Things I have enjoyed so far today:
- Raw Palak (minus the Paneer)
- Green Smoothie (with savoy, zucchini, broccoli, 2 apples, 1 banana, maca & a little bit of cinamon, honey & garam masala)
- Some Noritos
- a yummie vanilla bean ice cream topped with a magic shell chocolate sauce & some buckwheaties

I'm especially excited about the Palak (sans the Paneer) because I just love love love that I don't have to live without my beloved Indian food on this raw food thing. I even came up with a plan for the upcoming weekend (since this is the first weekend with my bf where I will try to stay raw all the way): Whenever he's cooking one of his delicious treats, I will try to make a raw version of whatever he is making at the same time. This means I will basically toss the same ingredients together (as long as they are raw) and see what it'll taste like. I'm sure this is going to be exciting, not to mention successful :)

My train will be leaving in an hour. This gives me enough time to pour my Rejuvelac into a jar and make a new one. Which means... I'm off!

Have a wonderful & blessed weekend you all (and again: whoever reads this)!




*~*Hello everyone*~*

so this is it... my new life journal for my "new" life (yeah, it's still the same but I'm more in love with it). 
I don't even know where this journey will take me and if it will go any further than this entry at all. But anyway... Now is the time and I decided to create this account NOW.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Sonja. Yeah, I was thinking of coming up with a new and improved "spiritual" name but I kinda like the name my parents gave me so I think I'll stick with it. Anyway... Being inspired by all the wonderful bloggers out there, I decided to open my own "blog"/"diary" just to see what happens.
I grew up with a spiritual background. My mum has always been into esotericism and alternative ways of living/healing etc. So I think I kinda have this in my genes. But right now I am feeling like everything falls into place. One thing leads to the other... I got interested in yoga and came across the yoga DVDs by Ana Brett & Ravi Singh (I highly recommend these!). Through them I learned about raw food for the first time. Raw food... this stroke me as a very strange concept at first. And what is raw food after all? Is cheese raw? I mean... (most of the time) it is not hot when I eat it. But the concept of raw food resonated with me and the more I read about it the more I wanted to try it. But it is really hard when your favourite food is pizza. And when food is used for social bonding. And when cooked food smells so good. And when you love cheese... oh, and did I mention pizza? However... so I never really managed to jump onto the raw food train. But then... in March 2010 I did something drastic. Something I had never done before. I fasted! I did the Master Cleanse for 10 days. And it was hard... very hard. It was only then that I realized how much I love food. But I did it! I managed to get through the 10 days (not without tears, though). And after the cleanse I was determined not to put all these toxins back into my body which I had just released. So I started to eat mainly raw.  5 months have passed since then. Yes, I ate cooked food during that time. Yes, I ate dairy during that time. Yes, I ate refined sugar during that time. And yes, I ate meat during that time. But nevertheless... my diet is so much more healthy than it was before that. And I love it! Now I have decided to give it a try and stay raw vegan as long as possible. Today is day 4 of eating absolutely no cooked and processed food. What can I say? I feel great! I'm on an energy-high. Today I got up at 5.30am. It is 11pm now and I'm still not tired (even after spending the evening in a sauna spa). 

Well well... so far so good. Now you know where I come from. But where do I go to? No one knows! I hope that I will use this diary a lot in the future to not only document my raw food experiences but also tell you more about my life, my thoughts and my inspirations. I also hope that by going public with this whole raw thing, I will feel even more motivated (and pressured :)) to continue on this path. But always remember: NOW is the perfect moment to live your life!

Thank you for reading & Sat Nam,


P.S.: English is not my first language. As you can probably tell by member name, I am German. And I actually planned to write this diary in German. But when I started to write, I started to write in English. I don't know why but I am guessing that there is a reason for this. So please don't be put off by my occasional mistakes.



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